1.1.    Width: 2.550 mm.

1.2.    Height: 3.020 mm.

1.3.    Empty Weight: 6.200 ~ 8500 kg. ± %5 (Shows difference depending on equipments chosen)


2.1.    Loading Capacity: 16 – 18 – 20 – 22 – 24 – 26 m3

3.Dumper :

3.1.    Products to Transport: Aggregate and earthwork type, in solid phase all bulk cargoes

3.2.    Certification: CE Certificate in compliance with 2006/42/EC Machine Safety Regulations

3.3.    Dumper Body:

Pursuant to loading and discharging conditions, high performance, semi pipe sectional design,

High strength, corrosion and impact resistant, import steel material,

ISO 3834 Welded Production quality competence certified,

Long life, safe, high strength, unique body structure obtained through mounting side wall plates whose twist count is increased to inner side of bottom plate which is composed of corrosion resistant monolithic sheet, from inside and outside longitudinally, non-stop, joined with excellent weld performance,

Strong, sloping front wall, having joints providing totality with bottom and side wall plates, distributing the lifting power of hydraulic cylinder from bedding point with support profiles to body

Support profiles laying latidunally and longtidunally in the bottom of body, strengthening the bottom plate

Peripherally strengthened with support profiles, connected to side wall U supports on top with hinge, bottom lock mechanism preventing misopening of lid, durable, sloping, safe freely switchable rear cover,

Increasing available carrying capacity by ~1,5 m3, decreasing corrosion on the inner surface of lid during discharging and providing more discharging area cambered “TPE Petty Patent Registered” special design rear cover (Optional)

Hydraulic systematic rear cover mechanism which might be commanded from inside driver’s cabin, automatically opened and close (Optional)

Providing joint of body with chassis, fixing tilt shaft bedded to chassis,

Against cargo overflow, truck tires and lower group protecting, welded to body, fenders from steel material

4.Hydraulic System

3 ~ 4 graded, providing maximum discharging angle, hydraulic cylinder,

Pressure resistant, filtered, vacuum safe, oil tank at fit capacity for hydraulic system

Hydraulic pump providing appropriate high pressure and flow to system, coupled to PTO

Direction management valve, directing pressure line in the system,

High pressure and flow resistant hydraulic hoses and fittings materials

5.Assistant Chassis:

Pursuant to body design, providing roll safe, rigidly adaptable to all types of truck chassises, special design, as box profile from “NPU” steel material, assistant chassis reinforced with mid-traverses and cross support connections at back, spring connections used at points where assistant chassis is mounted to vehicle chassis reduces the stress effect by distributing the force cominf from road conditions,

Chassis contruction parts are produced by certified welders with synergic welding machines in perfect harmony within the context of ISO 3834 Welded Production quality competence confirmation in perfect harmony,

6.Chassis Equipments :

6.1.    Suppresion (Mat)                : Suppression as per 91/226/EEC directive feature type certified suppression

6.2.    Side Protection                       : Equipment as per 89/297/EEC directive (bike guard etc.)


Painting at least 2 coats of epoxy primer,

2 coats acrylic paint and finish “OVEN DRYING” application,

Homogenous distribution to every point on the body and surface brightness at lacquer paint gloss are ensured via improved technical equipments,


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