1.1.    Width: 2.550 mm.

1.2.    Height: 3.690 mm.

1.3.    Axle Distance: 1.310 mm.

1.4.    Empty Weight: 7.220 ~ 8.920 kg.

1.5.    King-Pin Height (Unloaded): 1.250 mm.

2. Capacity

2.1.    Geometrical Volume: 28.000 ~ 30.000 l. (Depends on choice)

2.2.    Number of Sections: 1


3.1.    Tank Code: L4BH

3.2.    Tank Class: Class 9

3.3.    Products to Transport: UN 3256, UN 3257 (Bitumen, Fuel Oil 6. No. vb.)

3.4.    Operating Temperature: -200C  +2500C

3.5.    Certification: ADR (Tüv-Süd) / ADR Italy CPA (Ministry of Transportation)

3.6.    Tank Body:

Cylindirical section design as per EN 14025 design standard,

For front and rear each, 1 external camber, groynesas per EN 14025 design standard within tank,

ISO 3834 Welded Production quality competence certified,

In tanker production sector, in the cylindirical body structure laterally jointless, monolithic sheets and at weld joints of these, unique body structure produced via longest weld seam technology, having least number of joints (T), safe, smooth straight surfaced

By using non-stop, high performance, robotic welding technology, weld defects caused by voltage generated on the body and human factor are minimized, and safety against impacts is ensured,

The slope in chassis design ensures complete discharging by not leaving any liquid in any section of tank,

Air gap safety against dilatations and outbursts as per EN 15120 standard,

3.7.    Isolation

Tank body is covered with rock wool protecting product temperature and fluidity, accurately ensuring heat isolation,

Isolation matting which prevents prolapsing by peripherally wrapping the isolation applied to the body, providing protection against external factors, whose tightness of joints is ensured with lath and heat resistant rubber tire, is visually aesthetical, and front, rear isolation camber,

3.8. Heating System (Optional)

At the inner bottom of tank, product fluidity is ensured with hot water or steam passing stainless pipes that are firm with operating temperature,

3.9.    Filling/Discharging Line :

3.9.1. Filling Line

Filling from top with DN 500 manhole lid with filling hole

3.9.2. Discharging Line

In compliance with EN 14025, at the back of tank, laying from heat resistant manually switchable bottom valve to safety assuring 3 speed closing coupling, isolated, at a slope that won’t leave liquid after discharging, forced (free with flow) discharging via discharging line piping or air drive pressurized discharging with pneumatic working system

Drained drip pan collecting liquid streams generated after discharging at closing coupling discharge end

ISO 3834 Welded Production quality competence certified, import patent discharging pipes weld-connected to the elbows

4. Chassis:

Pursuant to the body design, body console connections mounted with bolts to chassis, roll safety providing special design, half chassis,

Chassis contruction parts are produced by certified welders with synergic welding machines in perfect harmony within the context of ISO 3834 Welded Production quality competence confirmation in perfect harmony,

5.Chassis Equipments :

5.1.    King-Pin: Feature type certified in compliance with Directive 94/20/EC, 2” removed and installed from bottom,

5.2.    Mechanical Legs: Trailer support legs with each double speed, 25 tons dynamic, 50 tons static load capacity,

5.3.    Axles: Air suspended disk/campane brake axle kit, each with capacity of 9 tons,

5.4.    Rims: 11,75 x 22,5      

5.5.    Tires: 385/65 R 22,5

5.6.    Brake System: 2S2M EBS brake system with RSP

5.7.    Electrical System: 24 V., 7 pins exproof electrical system

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