Chassis shall be fabricated as monobloc frame. Chassis material is made of St52 non-vacuum iron sheet with the size of 12 X 20 and Erdemir 6252 A1 (St52) Quality 5 mm sheet. As well as frames of tank are hanging the tank, strengthening pad sheets are welded against sagging and buckling. Trailer of tank is integrated welded until King-Pin part.Chassis construction parts are produced by certified welders with synergic welding machines within the context of ISO 3834 welded production quality. Transportation availability with any kinds of load and road conditions.
Axle and Suspension System
Air suspended disk/campane brake axle kit which each of them are 9 tons capacity.
King Pin and Legs
It certified in compliance with directive 94/20/EC, 2” removed and installed from bottom. 
Double speed Trailer support legs with each load capacities are 25 tons dynamic,50 tons static.
Brake Systems
Wabco EBS 2S / 2M with RSS - Double circuit brake system with Alu air tanks according to EC
In compliance with 71/320 regulation of EEC standards. Double-circuit, dry air pressure, EBS (ABS-ALB) functioned 4S/2M brake system is used. Served standard in T-EBS or RSS stabilized anti-rollover systems.
Electrical System
Lighting system in compliance with EEC standards, sidelights, reflector, 2*7 pinned socket set system is used.
Paint and Surface Protection
Frame is subjected to sanding and surface hardening operation with completely automatic banding system. Later 2 times epoxy primer is practiced. After painting last 2 times with willed RLL code, it is subjected to oven-drying with 60 and 80 degree.
Transport for LPG.
(Different petrol derived, chemicals and chemical products can be transported with different equipments hardwares in compliance with the standards.)
Tank type : Horizontal Cylindrical 
Tank Code / Class: AD-2000 / PED97 /23/EC / Class : 2 
Operating Temperature:-200C +2500C
Design Pressure : 17,5 bar
Test Pressure : 26,5 bar
Material : P355 GH
Head Type : Elipsoidal
Corosion : 1 mm.
Certification: ISO 9001-2008 VE EN 3834-2
Tank Body :
Cylindrical section design as per EN 12493 design standard. 
1 external camber, in accordance with the number of sections at EN 10028-3 design standard internal camber for front and rear each.ISO 3834 Welded Production quality competence certified.
In the cylindrical body structure jointless laterally, monolithic sheets and at weld joints of these, Unequalled body structure produced with longest weld seam technology, having joints (T). Smooth,safe and straight surfaced.
Using high performance robotic welding technology, the voltage at the body and no human factor of weld defects,and safety against impacts is ensured.
The slope of chassis design provides complete discharging by not leaving any liquid in any section of tank ,Air gap safety against dilatations and outbursts as per EN 15120 standard.
Tank Equipments :
Hidraulic Valve DN 80 3 units
Hydraulic Operator 1 piece
2 "global Valves 3 units
2 "Safety Valve 2 units
Rotageç (Rotary Level Indicator) 1 piece
Glycerine pressure gauge (0-25 bar), Ø 63 1 piece
Thermometer (-30 / 60 ? C) Ø63 1 piece
Acme Adapter, and the cover 3 units
Drain Valve 1 piece
Man Hole 20 “ PN 40 (1 unit)
Fix Level Meter 70%, 80%, 90%
Heating System (Optional)
At the bootom inside of the tank,product fluency is provided with hot water or steam passing stainless pipes which are firm with operating temperature. Heads apply only relieving stress. 
The tank body is coated with rock wool keeping product temperature and fluency,exactly providing heat isolation.
Filling Line
The Filling from top with DN 500 manhole lid with filling hole.
Discharging Line
According to EN 14025,at the back of tank,laying from heat resistant manually switchable bottom valve to safety providing 3 speed closing coupling,isolated,at a slope that won’t leave liquid after discharging,enforced discharging by discharging line piping or air drive compressed discharging with pneumatic working system.
Drained drip pan collecting liquid streams generated after discharging at closing coupling discharge end.ISO 3834 Welded Production quality competence certified, import patent discharging pipes weld-connected to the elbows. 
Standard Accessories
Special design rear bumper in compliance with EEC standards, spare wheel well 4 PVC wheel houses, 2 PVC floor mat (for wheel house), 1 water tank 2 rear parking mount roller, side protectors in compliance with EEC standards, tool and food cabinets, tire forklift stopper, rear climbing ladder, tire stop mount, fire extinguisher cabinet, rear warning reflectors sign and warning boards, vehicle introduction labels, Ro-Ro type drum system bumper.
Chassis can be manufactured from imported metal sheet (Hardox or Domex).